Family Law | Divorce

Family law is an area that encompasses everything that families of all shapes and sizes deal with, such as: Surrogate mother contracts, for infertile parents; Guardianships of minor children; Placement options for children with special needs; Divorce; Property and debt division in divorces and divorce-like situations for non-married couples; Enforcement and Amendment of Prior Court Orders; Preparation of Wills, Trusts, life support documents, Powers of Attorney, and associated legal documents; Administering and implementing the wishes of deceased family members.
Divorce — the dissolution of a valid marriage.
Custody Plans — A plan that provides for the care and maintenance of a child that includes the right to direct the child’s activities and make decisions regarding the child’s upbringing. 
Parenting Plans  — A parenting plan, whether agreed to by the parents or ordered by the court, spells out the minimum amount of time each parent will have with a child.
Child Support — payment made for the support of the children of divorced or separated parents while the children are minors or until they reach an age set by the separation agreement or in a court order.
Spousal Support — Financial payments made to help support a spouse or former spouse during separation or following divorce, also called alimony.
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